Weekly Maintenance Service

Our CPO certified technicians will provide the following maintenance services when you sign up with Soda City Pools and Spas. After each visit, we will email you detailed notes to include chemical readings, the entire scope of work performed that day, which chemicals were added to your pool as well as current pictures. You can rest assured your pool is up to Soda City Pools and Spas standards without having to be home or even step outside.

Blowing off the decks and areas surrounding the pool.

Netting out all pool pool debris covering the surface.

Brushing the pool top down from the tile line to the steps…we make sure to clean those hard to reach areas as well!

Vacuuming out all dirt and debris to ensure your pool looks beautiful after every visit.

From the skimmer to the pump basket, we’ll empty them all to ensure your pool filtrates at its highest performance.

Testing and balancing all chemicals to create the safest experience for all of our clients.

Checking all equipment to ensure peak performance. 

Our weekly maintenance contract is the perfect way to never worry about your pool again. Each week, our trained and licensed professional will perform entire pool servicing, from cleaning to chemical balancing, leaving you worry free to enjoy a fun and safe swimming experience for all! In addition, we’ll perform diagnostic testing on your equipment to be sure everything is functioning properly to maximize your pool experience.