Soda City Pools and Spas Filter Service

Does your pool water not look as crystal clear as you’d like? This is usually the first sign that your filter needs to be cleaned. Over a short amount of time, your pool filter will start to build up with dirt and debris from the water in your pool. While your filter usually does an amazing job, if it becomes clogged, your pool water will be noticeably less clear. This isn’t a major issue and could be something simple as cleaning your filter. Our service technicians are trained to carefully disassemble your pool filter, properly remove any dirt and debris, reassemble and even perform a double inspection to ensure no leaks are present in your equipment.

Cartridge Filter

One type of the filter system uses a cartridge filter that must be removed and thoroughly cleaned. Once the cleaning is performed, the technicians check each individual grid to make sure there are no breaks in the filter. If you continue to find small debris in your pool, this is a sign that one of these grids is broken and the entire cartridge will need to be replaced. Contact Soda City Pools and Spas today to set up an appointment for us to take care of this for you.

DE Filter

Named after the sedimentary rock that is used to filter the water, diatomaceous earth is composed of chemically inert, fossilized, (or skeletal) remains of billions of microscopic algae-like organisms called diatoms. The DE filter contains grids inside that are coated with DE powder. This type of filter will remove particles down to the smallest micron. While this is amazing for the water clarity and overall performance, this also causes a lot more sediment to build up within the filter. DE filters need to have the media replaced every time a cleaning is performed, as the recommended replacement amount can be found on each filter sticker. Since these filters catch smaller and smaller particles, it is important to clean these more regularly than a cartridge filter. Our team strongly recommends cleaning these filters at least once a month. If this is something we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact our office. If this is something that you need taken care of, please do not hesitate to contact Soda City Pools and Spas.

Sand Filter

Sand filters are the most common and require the least amount of regular maintenance between the three main filter types. These filters use sand as a media that helps filter small particulates from the pool water. Typically, our service technicians backwash the filter any time the pressure is elevated within the filter or if the water level is high, helping to prolong the life of the sand in your filter. Even though these filters last a long time, the sand does need to be changed approximately every two years. If you wait too long, you can potentially destroy the laterals in your sand filter which may lead to having to replace internal parts in the filter or in some cases, the filter itself. If you need to have your sand changed, please contact our office right away. One of our licensed and trained technicians can change out your sand while also performing an examination on all internals within your filter. We’d be happy to help you today!

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