Pressure Washing

Have you neglected the surrounding area of your pool? You may have a perfectly clear pool, but if your deck is covered in stains and algae, the focal point of your yard can be an eye sore. We offer a pressure washing package to help keep your deck as clean as your pool! Our dedicated technicians will pressure wash the surrounding area of the pool, and then complete the service with a complementary cleaning to get any debris left behind. If you have a concrete deck that is in good shape, we can bring it back to life for you and your family to enjoy. Cost is based upon square footage of the area. Contact us for a quote today.

Drain and Clean

Sometimes when the Green to Clean process is not the best solution to your pools needs, we offer our Drain and Clean service for Gunnite and Concrete pools. This process is more geared towards pools that have not been kept up with in years. When the amount of debris in the pool surpasses what a Green to Clean can fix, a Drain and Clean is the best option. Our technicians drain the pool completely, pressure wash the surface, and then clean the pool with diluted chlorine. While this is in process, we also remove all debris from the pool. The last step of this process is a complementary pool cleaning and chemical balancing that is performed once the pool is refilled with fresh water. If your pool has been down for years and this seems to be the current condition of your investment, please do not hesitate to reach out to us to receive a quote and get you scheduled as soon as possible.

Acid Wash

Does your pool suffer from unsightly staining that is beyond what a stain treatment can fix? This problem could be caused by a few different issues. First and foremost, if the chemistry of your Gunnite pool is not properly maintained for the first 30 days, your pool could experience scaling which would give it a cracked and grey discoloration look. And secondly, another common occurrence that leads to staining are metals in the water. Both issues can affect the look and condition of your pool. Let our dedicated professionals help with these unsightly imperfections with an Acid Wash. An Acid Wash is where all the water in the pool is drained. Next our dedicated team will brush the entire pool with a muriatic acid and water solution to help lift all staining. Lastly, the entire pool gets pressure washed and filled back up. This package also includes a follow up cleaning and chemical balancing to ensure a beautiful pool for the foreseeable future. If you think this is what your pool needs for the upcoming season, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office.

Stain Treatment

It is very common for pools to suffer from unsightly staining, and this usually happens over a period of time. Typical stains can be caused by copper, metal, and/or black algae in the water. These stains will take away from the overall aesthetic of your pool. A stain treatment from our Jack's Magic Stain Identification certified team can help get your pool looking new brand again. A stain treatment can be performed on any pool. From gunite, vinyl liner, or fiberglass pools, they can all be treated by our technicians. This is typically a three-visit process, which entails identifying the type of staining, adjusting the chemicals, treating the stains heavily one to two times, and finishing up with re-balancing the water. We always recommend a stain treatment before moving onto a more heavy-duty treatment such as an acid wash. Contact our team today to get our professional opinion on the best course of action to get your pool looking brand new again.