Soda City Pools and Spas Equipment Changeouts

Is your pool a little older and maybe the equipment has been neglected? Could you benefit from replacing a couple of pieces? If so, we can help! From plumbing to salt systems, we have you covered! Call us today for your free estimate!

Call us right away if you have any equipment that may have failed. From installing new filters to a new salt system, our licensed technicians can diagnose and replace your most vital pieces of equipment. Contact our office to get a quote on an equipment changeout.

Equipment Covered with our Changeout Service (excludes pumps)

  • Polaris Pumps – Polaris robotic cleaners typically need a booster pump to properly vacuum your pool. We’re able to replumb and replace these for you.
  • Filters – We can replace any type of filter (Cartridge, DE, or Sand).
  • Salt System Installations and/or Conversions – If you have an old salt system, or are interested in converting from chlorine to salt, we can take care of this for you in one day.
  • Time Clocks and/or Automation Boards – When the electrical equipment that turns your pool systems on and off is no longer working, it's time to upgrade. Whether you want to replace it with a similar time clock or update to a newer automation board, we can make the change you need.

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