Salt System Conversion

Salt pools are an awesome way to ensure your pool stays crystal clear all throughout the summer. Instead of adding chlorine tablets, shock, or even liquid chlorine all throughout the warmer months, this new option is cost efficient and not as harsh on your skin. Inside each salt cell are copper annodes, and these annodes react to the salt circulating in the pool water. With electricity added as the catalyst, this allows the salt system to produce chlorine in a more natural manner. This makes it easier to manage chlorine production while also preventing any over chlorination, especially close to swim season. The last thing you want for your loved ones, or yourself, is a chlorine rash after a relaxing day in the pool. If you currently have a chlorine pool and are tired of constantly dumping in chemicals every day, contact our office today about a Salt System Conversion. This conversion is completely dependent upon the size of the pool and the electricity that the equipment is run from. As long as everything meets our standards, our dedicated technicians could have you swimming in a newly converted pool in less than a day.

Salt Cell Cleaning

Salt cells require regular maintenance, and the importance of this maintenance is managing and prolonging the chlorine producing life of each cell. Over the course of time, salt cells begin to have calcium build up on the annodes. When this occurs, it is time for a Salt Cell Cleaning. If your cell is not producing like it used to, please contact our office today to have your cell cleaned. We offer two services for cell cleaning to ensure your cell is always producing chlorine exactly how it should: a One Time Salt Cell Cleaning or the Quarterly Salt Cell Cleaning Package.

Soda City Pools and Spas Offers Two Ways to Keep Your Salt Cell Clean and Working Properly

Quarterly Salt Cell Cleaning Package

This package includes Quarterly Salt Cell Maintenance. Our technicians will clean the cell on a quarterly schedule to maximize its function. This is a highly recommended package that will ensure your cell is always functioning properly. With our Quarterly Salt Cell Cleaning package, we give our Soda City guarantee that your cell will produce all throughout the year. If you would like to ensure your cell is properly maintained, please contact our office today.

One -Time Salt Cell Cleaning

This visit includes a break down of the cell, cleaning and rinsing of the cell, and a complimentary backwash. This visit is charged at a one-time price and will only happen once. While this visit is not highly recommended, we understand some homeowners perform most of their maintenance themselves. If this describes you best, we can still help. Please contact our office today to get this scheduled as soon as possible.