Hosea Hameed

Owner and Chief Executive Officer

Name: Hosea Hameed

From: Indian Land, SC

Position: Owner and Chief Executive Officer

Experience: 10 years pool experience, CPO certified, and Stain Identification certified.

Bio: Providing excellent pool care is my passion. I started off cleaning pools in the summer in high school. After high school this graduated into a full-time career. With close to a decade of cleaning pools and fixing pool equipment, I am well versed in all your pool care needs. In my free time I love to spend it with my beautiful daughter Margot. Fun fact: when we had our daughter, she was the entire reason this company was created. With my decade of pool knowledge, I plan to provide top notch pool care so our daughter can live a beautiful life.

Viren Patel

Owner and Chief Financial Officer

Name: Viren Patel

From: I was born and raised in Kenya, Africa, though I am Indian as my parents migrated to Kenya for business.

Position: Owner and Chief Financial Officer

Experience: I graduated from West Florence High School and went to USC to study business. I also went to Real Estate school. I have owned a gas station for a long time, and after I got into that industry, I knew I could expand my knowledge beyond just gas stations. From there, I went into the employment industry for labor and manufacturing, and then along came my partner and friend, Hosea. He taught me about the pool industry and how profitable it is, along with all the pool basics. With my business experience and his field knowledge, we started Soda City Pools and Spas. I have a short understanding of the pool business; I know numbers regarding the pool industry, but learning everything about the pool industry is a goal.

Bio: I love to watch horror movies, and anime shows are my favorite. And, no, anime is not cartoon. I love to work out and go for hikes as it just helps me to take my mind away from all the real world problems, and stay peaceful. I am always positive, and I donít let negativity change that about me. I am not that picky about anything unless itís really bad, i.e., food or danger. I do not have any pets myself, but I will play with other peopleís pets. I do, and will ensure, that all our Clients are happy with our services and the satisfaction we provide.

Marie Peters

Owner and Chief Operating Officer

Name: Marie Peters

From: Columbia, SC

Position: Owner and Chief Operating Officer

Experience: I do not have direct pool experience, but rather business and marketing experience. I have my bachelor's degree in Political Science and Business Administration from Newberry College. I have my Paralegalís Certificate from the University of South Carolina. Prior to Soda City, I worked in the Society Department at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden.

Bio: My family consists of my beautiful daughter Margot, three dogs, three cats, a snake, and a lizard.; there is never a dull moment in our house. I enjoy anything outdoors, photography, reading, painting, and traveling. My favorite color is yellow because that was my grandmotherís favorite color.

Sarah Bryant

Administrative Assistant

Name: Sarah Bryant

From: Irmo, SC

Position:Administrative Assistant

Experience: I have no prior pool experience, but I have plenty of administration experience. I graduated from Midlands Technical College with a Paralegal Degree. I have worked in law offices, and a real estate office.

Bio: I love to travel. My favorite color is teal. I am married with 2 kids so spending any time as a family is my favorite hobby.

Jeremy Massalou

Maintenance Manager

Name: Jeremy Massalou

From: Irmo, SC

Position: Maintenance Manager

Experience: 3 years pool experience, CPO certified, and Stain Identification certified.

Bio: My name is Jeremy Massalou, and I am born and raised in South Carolina. During my off days I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy hunting and fishing.

Robert Peters, Jr.

Lead Maintenance Technician

Name: Robert Peters, Jr.

From: Prosperity, SC

Position: Lead Maintenance Technician

Experience: 2 years pool experience, CPO certified, and working on Landscaping certificates.

Bio: I am currently taking college classes to earn a certificate in landscaping. I am the youngest of three, however I am the biggest in my entire family. I enjoy fishing, working out, and traveling.

Evan Rikard

Maintenance Technician

Name: Evan Rikard

From: Columbia, SC

Position: Maintenance Technician

Experience: 2 years pool experience, CPO certified.

Bio: My favorite color is purple, I love almost anything food related, and enjoy listening to music way too loud. I'm taller than average but I never played basketball (spoilers), and if I had to pick a spirit animal it would probably be Ed from the hit Cartoon Network TV show Ed, Edd, and Eddy.

Gauge Butts

Maintenance Technician

Name: Gauge Butts

From: Dalton, GA

Position: Maintenance Technician

Experience: Experience: 1.5 years pool experience. Currently in the field with hands on training and preparation to get certified.

Bio: Iím a big LOTR, Transformers, and Marvel fan. My favorite color is red. Iím skilled in archery. When Iím not working, I enjoy gaming, watching movies, hanging with friends, and golfing. I enjoy trying new and interesting restaurants in the area with my girlfriend. Iím the oldest of three brothers. Iím an FFA alumni.